Our visit to the Scientology Center Firhouse (Dublin)

On October 31, 2018, we with colleagues from Ireland went to lunch at the Scientology Center Firhouse (Dublin).

The website stated: “The facility has been established as a community hub, one that can host events accommodating over 1,000 people, featuring state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, meeting rooms, a Café, and even a fully equipped sports pitch”.And “Everyone is welcome. Our doors are open from morning until night, seven days a week.”

We were peacefully enjoying our lunch, communicating with the staff. We were discussing the different beliefs of the churches of Ireland with colleagues (without saying anything about Scientology). However, as soon as we finished the meal and wanted to go on a tour of the building that was offered to us, a woman from staff members came to us with a security guard. It was Diana Stahl Director of Public Affairs in Ireland. She urged us to leave the building on the pretext that we were telling a lie about the Church of Scientology within its walls, which is impermissible. At the same time, they did not ask us any questions, did not strive to listen to our point of view, they simply put us out the door. This once again confirms that one of the main criteria of a healthy religious group is the ability to critically evaluate a group and discuss it without fear of being expelled.

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