I offer


Harness the power of NLP to improve communication, foster personal growth, and change behavioral patterns for a more fulfilling life.


Discover the transformative potential of Existential Therapy, a profound approach that harmonizes your inner world, helping you navigate life’s complexities and find enduring peace and fulfillment.

EFT Taping

Experience the power of EFT, a unique method that combines psychological acupressure and tapping to balance your energy and alleviate emotional distress.


Embrace the present with MBSR, a therapeutic approach that uses mindfulness meditation to help you manage stress and promote relaxation.


Transform your thought patterns with CBT, a talk therapy that helps you understand and change negative thoughts, leading to healthier behaviors and emotions

Clinical hypnosis

Unleash your mind’s potential with Clinical Hypnosis, a technique that uses relaxation and focused attention to transform hidden thoughts and feelings.

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