CULTS IN THE SHADOW OF COVID-19 PANDEMICThis is the first video of the new series “CULT? DIALOGUE IRELAND CULTISM SERIES”.Please look at our vaccination document: https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/…/cult-vaccination/.

Thanks to Paul Carley for moderating this video. It was produced and published by Svetlana Krilova DIALOGUE IRELAND Russian language consultant. Mike Garde the Director of Dialogue Ireland and Tomas West psychotherapist participated.

Topics discussed in this video:

1. How do we define what a cult is? How is a cult differentiated from other religions?

2. How should a person interested in seeking answers research a group they have been approached by or attracted to?

3. How does DI operate and how would it help in research and assistance to the individual?

You can find more information by visiting our website: https://www.dialogueireland.ie

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